How to download Udemy classes

If you have a slow internet connexion at home, or are a digital nomad living in the rain forest of South America, it can be very useful to download beforehand your paid Udemy courses. Otherwise, instead of learning to code you might end up spending your time like this:


Out of the box you can download classes on your mobile phone, but unfortunately Udemy doesn’t provide a way to download them on a computer.

Luckily you can download all classes with a simple Python script used in the terminal. The github repository of the script has been recently taken down due to “possible copyright infrigment”. As you can download the classes legally on a mobile phone I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it on your laptop as well, so here is a little guide to use the udemy-dl python script :

  1. You need to have python installed (it usually is on OSX and Linux, but not on windows) :
  2. Install PIP, a package manager for Python:
    sudo easy_install pip
  3. Install the udemy downloader script:
    sudo pip install udemy-dl
  4. In case you have it already, think about updating it every now and then, since Udemy change its implementation:
    sudo pip install –upgrade udemy-dl
  5. Create a directory for the course
    mkdir name-of-course
  6. Navigate to this directory
    cd name-of-course
  7. Launch the downloader
    udemy-dl url
  8. You are going to be prompted for email and password
    input id and password
  9. Validate and let the magic happen!

Capture d’écran 2015-08-30 à 14.28.25


Update: Now you can use the amazing desktop app Udeler which allows you to access your courses and download your courses seamlessly through the app. Big thumbs up for their work!