Hackership : time to become a better hacker

Hackership has started! For reminder, Hackership is a 9 weeks hands on, self-directed learning retreat for developers (I talked about it in my previous post), and I applied to get coaching in iOS development. This batch is hosted by the booming app startup Wooga in their headquarters of Berlin, a gorgeous space full of lollipops colors, ipads to play during breaks and sleeping pods.

The first week has been really fun and intense, between getting tips about learning best practices, git and debugging 101 workshops, a hackday about productivity tool, getting to know the mentors, refining our project plan etc. Each day goes on from 9/10ish till as late as you like (around 8pm mostly), starting with a standup in your family (a team of 3 to 4 learners around a mentor) where you can talk about your plan for the week, for the day, the problems you encounter and your overall mood.

We are quite focused during the day, everyone being really passionate about coding, but still there is a very nice atmosphere with group lunches, dinners, Thursday night beers… And it’s very interesting to see that the subjects we’re studying are quite vast, ranging from javascript with unity and node.js to 3d reconstruction, robotics, openCV, scala, ruby etc, it gives you the opportunity to have a sneak peak at technologies you might not have the chance to have encountered yet.

Anyway, this week I focused on different subjects, and would like to talk about two in particular : proper git usage and using cocoapods with swift.