Getting started with Android

Week 6 and 7 at Hackership have been all about getting the basic skills and the environment ready to start developing in Android.

To get started, I have been using several resources:

– a nice Udemy class, The Complete Android Developer Course, which tries to give an overview of Java and the android environment while giving writing clean and maintainable code by using design pattern (namely MVC and singleton).

Note that you can get this course for as little as 10$ with the frequent sales organized by Udemy (you can find coupons by a quick google search, or by following this page).

Capture d’écran 2015-08-30 à 13.24.27

Digital Nomad tip: if you have a slow internet connexion, or just want to be able to access your classes whenever, check out my article about how to download Udemy classes on your laptop

– the excellent 2 free official Google classes on Udacity which dive directly into the building of an app in Android and approach concepts like notifications (local and with Google Cloud messaging), using libraries, material design, debugging etc. :

Capture d’écran 2015-08-30 à 13.28.10

Capture d’écran 2015-08-30 à 13.28.34

Digital Nomad tip: Udacity provides out of the box the possibility to download the videos of each chapter in one click! (in Downloadables -> Videos)

Note that both of them are free to follow by clicking on “Access course materials”, but they are also accessible through the paid Nano Degree, which gives you an official certification.

– Youtube as usual by looking up what I needed to learn, and more notably some channels like the official Android Developers channel, or Slidenerd and his courses on material design.


After that I worked on implementing the basics (see the upcoming articles):

an API call wrapper

a singleton

– a login system with cookies